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To all of the people out there who actually listen to hip-hop music and seek out good artists, this is for you. You do not know anything about hip-hop if you just listen to whatever is on the radio and that is it. Typically those are the people who give Drake, Nicki Minaj, Waka, Soulja Boy, etc. all of their views on youtube and comment on how they are talented. If you actually listen and know of all the great talented people out there, you wouldn’t dare say that Lil Wayne is a great rapper. Before I hit you all in the head with my personal favorite, I want to say that I don’t think that all the people I just mentioned shouldn’t be making the music they are making, because there is a place for it and there are people who actually prefer that kind of sound.

I don’t agree with how major labels push that and only that for a quick easy buck. Music reflects life, and as we all know life is “simply complicated” and filled with endless possibilities. Music has always been free and explored all the different ways of the world. So why are companies trying to give us guidelines by only pushing one kind of artist. All of these artists are reflecting a mindless society of selfish partygoers who are blind to the current state of the world. I don’t know where you live, but that does not reflect me and the world I live in. The people I surround myself with and the world I strive for consist of intellectual thinkers who want to grow as people and build a better society.

Now on the other hand, I am not saying that everyone has to have positive subject matter. Like I said, there shouldn’t be any guidelines to art. But no one should disgrace an art by dumbing themselves down and the “culture” of the art. Too many artist today are simply “copy and paste” artists who are only focused on making money. They do whatever is making money, no matter how idiotic or demeaning it may be. There is no true art in this. Learning from an artist and copying their style are two entirely different things. So, in order to wrap this up, I would like to conclude that art, in this case hip-hop music, should be free and full of variety and most importantly artists should always show respect for themselves and the culture by being true, having meaning, and always showing progression.

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