Music Producer’s Guide To Making Rap Instrumentals

How Hip Hop Rap Instrumentals Are Made

If you hear a rap beat without the vocals, which is called an instrumental, you can hear certain patterns playing over and over again. These are called loops. So, a good rap beat consists of different loops, which all are slightly different from each other. In a loop you have the drums, the baseline, the melody and the effects. Not to say acapellas are bad in any way shape or form, but the key to making good hip hop music is having music in the first place. Rhymes sound so much tighter with hard hitting beats behind them. Well, at the very least, I have good news for you rappers out there!

Very few good hip hop rap beats are made without some form of repetitive loop. Different rap producers use different kinds of instruments and sounds to make effective loops. Timbaland uses a lot of synths and ethnic instruments, while Dr. Dre uses a lot of orchestral hits. Mf Doom uses vintage sounds often from old cartoons. The type of sounds you use to make your track should reflect the general emotions you want that particular track to convey and your own style. Experiment with what sounds best.

When you have the sound fonts you want to use, figure out some rhythmic loops and try not to make them too complex or the rapper will have to work harder for the listener’s attention. Figure out another simple loop for the chorus that should be catchier then the rest. After a couple verses, try an instrumental bridge, and then go back in for the last few verses. Listen to your favorite underground artists and producers, and look for aspects of their sounds and styles that you enjoy. Work towards building your own unique style by using their works as building blocks and inspiration!

RAP ARTIST TIP: An important part of making it in the Hip Hop Music industry is having the right beats and instrumentals. You can have the best lyrics in the world, but if you record it over the wrong beat the song will not be a hit. The best thing to do is to find a good beat that fits your style or write to a good beat. Also make shore your hook sounds good with the instrumental beat. The worse thing is to have a good verse and when it comes to the hook it falls short. When buying a good instrumental beat the best thing to do is find the best beat for the lowest price.

Instrumental Hip Hop music redefined the music scenario to the extent that it is considered as a genre of its own. It is one of the most experimental forms of music. To find examples of good rap beats, simply log on and you will find over 600 hip hop instrumentals for sale online.

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